Racking Up the Reviews


Reviews and Why They Matter

As website owners, we like to think we’re the bee’s knees when it comes to marketing our own product. We like to think that because it’s flattering… but we probably shouldn’t think that because it’s wrong.

I’m not saying that we’re bad at marketing. On the contrary, site owners are among the most creative people out there and have the advantage of knowing the product Inside and out. But despite the expertise and skill, you want to know who customers really listen to? Other customers.

Yep. You can write a brilliant piece of web copy that highlights every possible benefit your site offers, and every single word of that can be undeniably true, but site visitors are savvy little devils. They know when someone is trying to sell them on something. But give them the testimony of Kevin the Fast Food Worker, Joanna the Ski Instructor, Ben the Truck Driver, or Sal the Author Slash Poet Who’s Just Trying To Find His Voice and they’ll often take those words straight to the bank.

Here’s some numbers for you. According to one Zendesk survey, 90% of internet shoppers say they’ve been impacted by a positive review. 86% say they’ve been impacted by a negative review. 63% of users are more likely to buy from a site with customer reviews. And Reevoo found that produce an average 18% uplift in sales.

Customer reviews also give the added bonus of grabbing additional search hits from Google. Those little Google spider bots are constantly looking for new, relevant copy… and most reviews are filled with the types of words those spiders feed on.

But how do you get customers to leave reviews on your site? Or review your site on other sites?

I’m glad you asked.

Make Sure There’s A Place to Leave Reviews

To quote most of the 90’s, “no duh”, right? But you’d be surprised how many sites simply aren’t set up to receive customer reviews. Also, make sure your customers can find the review section. Make it obvious, but don’t continually beat them over the head with repeated requests.

Keep It Simple

If the review process is longer than a step or two, most people will give up. Think about the last time a review request for an app popped up on your phone. If you had the chance to select one to five stars right then and there, you probably did so. But if you had to leave the app, log into another site, then fill out multiple steps? How often did you do that? Include enough security to keep out the spam bots, but make sure as little as possible stands between your customers and the “submit” button.

Take the Good With The Bad

If people only see good reviews, they’ll assume you’re hiding something. No one, aside from of our Mom, gets exclusively good reviews. Not only does this reassure your customers that you’re keeping everything on the level, but it tells them that their review will be shared no matter what.

Go Outside

Outside your site, that is. There are plenty of review sites such as Google Local, Yelp, Angie’s List, Yahoo Local, etc., that allow you to set up your business to be reviewed by the masses. Trustpilot is a site that’s particularly nice, since its reviews show up in Google search.


If someone leaves a review, thank them for it! The engagement and interactivity promotes even more

Ask Your Customers Directly 

Send them an email. Post on your Facebook page. Offer to put their names in a hat to win a free Whatsit or Thingy. If you have an existing customer base, that’s where you want to start mining feedback. And chances are, you’ll have one or two brand advocates out there who will go above and beyond to win others over.

Keep Your Eyes Open

You can get reviews from anywhere… a review post directly on your site, a pleasant voicemail, a note tucked under your windshield wiper, the list goes on. And when you find that particularly golden review, share it! Post it where others can see it, and let your customers do your bragging for you.

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