Getting Started with Google AdWords

Getting Started with Google AdWords

Getting Started with Google AdWords

Getting to page one of Google can be done through SEO practices, focusing on mobile users, and other techniques. One of the primary paths to Google success is the Google AdWords service. I’ll explain what that is, how it works, and a few tips to make the most of it. Don’t worry if it sounds like a lot of work or a little complicated. It is, but remember, Google AdWords is one of the many services I offer!

The Front Page of Google: AdWords Anatomy

Love it or hate it, adapt to it or try to resist it, Google isn’t just changing the internet… it’s changing our brains. “Whereas before we might have tried to recall something on our own, now we don’t bother. As more information becomes available via smartphones and other devices, we become progressively more reliant on it in our daily lives,” explains Benjamin Storm, a lead author on the study of the phenomenon (known as cognitive offloading).

Humanity as a whole is literally evolving in the way we store and access information. Google with its 1.6 billion users is leading the way. (Just for reference, Google’s closest competitor—the search engine Bing—attracts only about a fourth of that amount). It makes complete sense that a constantly growing number of businesses and websites are trying to ride those Google coattails.

What Exactly Are Google AdWords?

The AdWords service is NOT related to your SEO. Google AdWords is the business side of Google. (It’s how they keep their lights on and give interns those incredible salaries and free rent). A business bids on popular search keywords. When people search for those keywords, clickable ads appear at the top of the search results page. You’ve definitely seen this before. Open up another tab and search “Google AdWords” (the results all say “ad” next to them for transparency).

How Do Google AdWords Work?

Google uses a few different systems and algorithms to figure out which ads appear and in what order. It’s coveted real estate at the top of a search results page; especially since the ads often appear to be organic. A good keyword can often be at the center of a bidding war. The “quality score” of your ad, how much you’re willing to pay per click, all of these factor in to how often your business shows up.

How Do I Make Google AdWords Work for Me?

Anyone with a Google AdWords account can start the bidding and advertising process. It can be a stormy sea to navigate if you’re just starting out. Your return on investment (ROI) is going to naturally be at the top of your concerns, which is why I like to work personally with clients trying out the service for the first time. Here’s a few of the Google AdWords optimizations I look at:

  • Cost Per Click – How much is too much, and how cheap is too cheap? You want to pay a reasonable amount for a reasonable number of clicks on your ad. Google can also automatically set this amount based on your budget.
  • Choosing the Right Keywords – You want to find a strong balance in the keywords you choose. Too common a keyword, and you have too much competition. Too long a keyword, and fewer people type it into their search bar. You can cast a broad net or set your sights on “exact match phrases”. One thing is for sure—Google AdWords campaigns live or die based on which keywords you pick.
  • Go Negative – Well, don’t actually go negative and start trashing your competition or anything, but use negative keywords to your advantage. These are keywords that tell Google what your product is It can help weed out confused clicks or accidental visits—who wants to pay for those?
  • Geotarget – If you have a local business, a brick-and-mortar shop, a restaurant, or a local service, then you obviously want local customers seeing your ads. It doesn’t help you out a whole lot if your floral delivery business is based in Greenville, SC and your ad is reaching a wannabe Romeo in Portland. Use geotargeting to hit potential customers closest to home.
  • Go Mobile – Google AdWords offers several different options for targeting mobile users over desktop users. And with more people now using mobile devices to Google over desktops, there’s definitely an advantage to targeting those on the go.

This Is Just the Tip of The Iceberg

Entire books have been written about Google AdWords, entire sites are dedicated to using the system to your advantage, so there’s a lot to explore on this frontier. But one thing is for certain… people are seeing these ads, people are clicking on these ads, and just because you haven’t put your ad out there yet doesn’t mean your competitor hasn’t either.

And remember, if you need any help getting started, I’m just a call away!

Questions? Ready to Get Started?

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