How Animation Can Take Your Video Marketing to the Next Level?

Video marketing is one of the most powerful digital marketing tools hands down. It provides audio and visual elements to tell the whole story, it is more memorable than other types of marketing and it can be easily shared across a variety of platforms.

There are many types of video marketing that can integrated into campaigns including animated video. Animated video is a useful tool because it’s relatable and it can show viewers things that go on the spectrum or real life.

This article will talk about the benefits of animation in video marketing so you can decide if it’s a direction you want to take your campaign in.

Benefits of Animation

Animation has several benefits over real-life video. Here are some to consider.

It Goes Outside the Realm of Real Life: When you shoot video with actors, you are limited in the amount of things you can illustrate. Animation has no limitations. You can integrate a variety of images and colors. You can make your products dance and sing. You can create an entire dream world that takes viewers to another dimension.

It Speeds Up Processes:  When you are using video to market products, it’s essential to keep them short and sweet. Most viewers won’t have several minutes to spend watching media. They want to get the message in just a few seconds and get on with their lives.

Now let’s say you are selling a saw and you want to show how effectively it cuts through wood. Having the actor get prepared and actually cut the wood can take valuable seconds of video time. But if you use animation, you can speed up the process sending the message clearly and efficiently.

It’s Easier: When you film live video, a lot of factors come into play. You must hire actors and crew members, decide on a location, get lighting and other equipment. And let’s not even think about what could possibly go wrong like shooting outdoors on a day it rains or having an actor or crew member cancel last minute.

When you go with animation, you don’t have to hire anyone but an animator and an editor. You won’t have to spend money getting equipment or renting a studio. And all factors will be completely within your control. You may even end up saving money on the deal.

It’s a Differentiator: Animation is not used as often in marketing, so creating an animated video will stand out. And with all the directions you can go in stylistically, you are sure to come out with a product that is unique.

It’s Fun: Animation takes us back to our childhood. This makes it an effective way to share complex ideas…and not so complex ideas. It’s eye-catching, engaging and it has a terrific nostalgia factor.

What Kind of Animation Can I Use in My Marketing Campaign?

There are several types of animation you can use in your video. The one you choose can add something to the message you are sending to the viewer. Here are a few examples.

Whiteboard Video

Whiteboard video is the simplest kind of 2D animation. It involves the drawing of animated images onto a white board. It is an ideal format for explainer videos and it’s usually used by corporations.

Motion Graphics

As the name suggests, a motion graphic video uses graphics that are constantly in motion. It is engaging and easy to follow and it can be used in almost any type of video including entertainment videos, educational videos and marketing videos. Creating motion graphics requires a strong attention to detail so it can be more expensive than other types of animation.

Kinetic Typography Video

This type of video uses moving numbers and simple graphics. It delivers messages through words. It is effective in expressing an idea and it is an effective tool in digital marketing particularly for companies offering a service.

Paper Cut Out Animation

Paper cut out animation has a DIY feel. It involves creating paper cut out figures and putting them on paper. Their simplicity makes them ideal if you want to send a message. But they can be boring for those who prefer more action in their videos.

Digital Cut Out Animation

Digital cut out animation is similar in concept to paper cut out but the digitized effect brings more of an animated feel to the video. It has a similar effect to its paper counterpart, but it’s a little more exciting.

Cartoon Animation

This type of animation should require no explanation. It’s an effective tool for companies who are selling products for children. It also appeals to adults and makes a great way to convey a complex idea.

Live Animated Video

A live animated video mixes live and animated elements. In brings in the best of both worlds and can bring the impossible into a real life situation. It’s a fun way to market a product and it can also be used for entertainment purposes.

Stop Motion Animation

The technique used for stop motion animation is similar to the technique used for creating film long ago. It involves taking a picture of a character or thing and changing one element. For instance, if you want to show a dog fetching a stick, you will have to draw every frame of the dog in action until it gets the stick. You will have to take photos of each drawing and run them together to make it look like the dog is moving.

The technique is time consuming, but it has a unique feel that can set your video apart.

Animated Infographic

An animated infographic is a fun way to show the data on an infographic. You can show the values moving and add other interesting details. It’s a more entertaining way to present an otherwise dry topic.

3D Animation

3D videos show dimensions. They are good for showing how products work internally and in underground and interior applications. They are often used in the B2B selling of industrial products.

What Kind of Videos Can Use Animation?

Animation can be brought into marketing, but there are plenty of ways businesses can use the tool to promote their products and make their offices run more efficiently. Here are some suggestions.

Training Videos: Businesses can create animated training videos for their teams. These can be used during the onboarding process, or they can explain how a piece of software or electronics works if it is being newly introduced. It’s a fun way to help employees learn new tasks.

Explainer Videos: Explainer videos explain how a product or service works. Although they are not obvious marketing tools they are valuable in showing consumers how easy an item is to use and the various ways it can come in handy. Presenting explainer videos in animated form can make it more engaging and accessible. It can also show how a product functions in a fraction of the time.

Tutorial Video

A tutorial video can be used to show how your product works in a specific application. For example, if you are selling a blender, you might include a tutorial on how to make chocolate cupcakes with the blender. The animation can speed up processes and make the content more accessible.

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